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About J&Y Nail Studio


J&Y Nail Studio Educators Jess Puan and Yoko Naito are both recognized and international accredited in professional training of nail technicians. We are proud that students recognize our commitment to fostering quality teaching, and we constantly update our teaching skills and acquire the latest methods to ensure their learning success. We are qualified educators from the prestigious Odyssey Nail System and we do not engage any teaching assistants hence students learn directly from us at all times, with expectations set high in our school, we believe all our students can and will achieve in our classes, and we never give up on any students.

Learn more of our awards and accreditation here

While looking for the right Nail Academy in Singapore, one of the most important criteria often overlooked is the student-to-educator ratio. At J&Y Nail Studio, our ratio is capped at 5:1. With a maximum of 5 students to 1 Educator, our students can receive more personal attention and get more value out of their education. We maintain individual profile of our students and assess/coach them personally. At J&Y Nail Studio, you can progress at your own comfort level and learn at the pace which suits you, without the pressure of a rigid time table.

At J&Y Nail Studio we adopt a Flexible Timetable for our students, which means they have significant freedom over when they like to attend their courses. Be it work during the day or commitments in the evening, with the freedom to plan their own timetable, students can better focus on their learning without time pressure. There are no ‘minimum to attend’ rule for our courses. Students can choose and start any course at any time depending on their own preference and our availability.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Japanese Gel Art 16 April

Our Japanese Gel Art Workshop yesterday was a blast! Lesson ended as late as 10pm but everybody had fun! A big thank’s to all attendees and hope to see you all!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Japanese Gel Art Workshop 16 April

Our daily workshops have been ongoing for a few months now and we have lost count of how many students we've taught! Nonetheless we are glad that each and everyone of them gained the knowledge imparted and will make use of it to enhance their nail creativity!

Stylograph Pen Workshop

When it comes to drawing fine lines and consistent patterns, there's no easier way than using the Stylograph Pen. Be amazed at how fast you can draw with the fine piece of tool. Once you’ve mastered the technique, it will seem completely natural and you’ll wonder how anyone could possibly not know how to use something so simple earlier! A definitely must-have item for every nail artist!

If you have not registered for the workshop, simply do so as seats are running out very fast!

Stylograph Pen Workshop
Date: Available every Mon and Tuesday (subject to availability)
Duration: 5 Hours
Venue: J&Y Nail Studio
Price: $500 (including 1 Stylograph Pen and 10 Colors)

sms/whatsapp 94590887 for more info!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Stylograph Pen Closeup

Practical and stylish, the newly launched Stylograph Pen by Odyssey Nail Systems is a must have for all nail art lovers! The sleek white finishing adds a colorful, stylish note to your work station, and the body is filled with sparkling Swarovski crystals, creating magnificent light reflections with every stroke! Comes with a tray of 10 colors.

Why small class size matters

Very few teachers enjoy managing a large class. It's very difficult to do. Unfortunately that's what you end up doing when confronted with a large class of students. It's not easy managing 20-30 students of any age in any situation. and in a large class it becomes a major challenge.

Students learn more when classes are small. They learn faster. They quickly develop confidence to express their ideas and opinions without fear of scorn and retribution from their peers. Small classes help create a climate for learning. A small class allows us to really observe closely and carefully how individual students are doing. The quicker response makes for greater progress! (▰˘◡˘▰)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sneak peak at our Acrylic Lesson

A sneak peak at our students undergoing Acrylic 3D lesson in their Professional Full Course. Limited colors to practice on? Not a problem as we provide a diversity of top range color powders for student usage in our studio. At absolutely NO cost of course!

As we were all students before, so many times we faced the problem of needing to fork out extra money on top of our school fees to purchase extra products, (which we may or may not need) and that's definitely something we are trying to obsolete. So practice all you need, as that's what a school is for! (✿◠‿◠)

Quilt & Knitted Workshop 9 April

Quilt Art and Knitted Gel Workshop are simply irresistible!

Bring some friends along and enjoy exclusive small sessions hands-on training with our educator Yoko Naito (ˇ∀ˇ)

To check dates available and registration, contact our workshop line@ 94590887!

Welcome Aboard Students

Be amazed at the range of items our students are given! Everything they need is included in their student kit to fully equip them on the embarkation of their learning journey.

Our new students busy checking through their brand new tools and products. Welcome aboard!

Stylograph Pen Workshop

If you ever jealously eyed a calligraphy pen and thought it would be perfect for delicate swirls and thin lines in nail art, then you’ll be thrilled to try this newly released Stolograph Pen! Developed by Odyssey Nail Systems USA, this Nail Art Pen works the same way a calligraphy pen does, but these nibs will work with a thicker, more pigmented fluid

The Stylograph Pens are specifically designed to aid you in creating the most delightful and personalized nail art creations. With a tip so sharp, even the longest words or detailed images can make it on to your nails. A MUST HAVE for every nail art enthusiast!

Not only will you receive your very own stylograph pen with 10 colors in our 5 hours workshop, we will teach you how to get started on creating various fascinating and elegant nail art designs as well as all the incredible fonts you could try, with all the top tips you should know about!

Use your pen to draw outlines of petals and flowers, highlight faces, enhance your designs with fine details, draw swirls and loops… and so much more. These pens create a fine edged line, and if you find it hard to use a stripping brush, well this just might be the answer for you!

Contact 94590887 for registration and get your kit before it runs out!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

J&Y Professional Full Course Graduates!

Our latest J&Y Professional Full Course Graduates attained 100% passing rate for their International Examination held last year

Not an easy feat but we are always ensure each and everyone of our students are up to their mark before allowing them to seat for their exam! Congrats to all!

See our Facebook Album here!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fairy Tale Gel Workshop 15 April

Once again we will be conducting another fun and effective one day workshop on 15 April at Johor Bahru!

In this Fairy Tale Cartoon workshop you will learn all the different techniques and skills that we use to create the different characters using gels. Try each technique yourself and get instant feedback on your work! You will learn to create all cartoon characters show in the poster and by the end you will have one fully finished set of characters that you can be proud off...!

Creativity is the cornerstone of all progress and development!

DATE: 15 April (Tuesday)
Time: 11am - 6pm
Price: RM 1099 (Product Kit included)
Venue: MOMO Academy Johor Bahru

For Registration please contact any of the following:
(SG) +65 96908083 (Jess)
(JB) +60 167431369 (Stephy Pang)
(JB) +60 72072602 (Sheila Tan)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

3D Gel Quilt Workshop 27 March

Bring you friends along for our workshops! There's no minimum number of attendees in order to conduct our class, be it 1 or 2, you are sure to receive adequate attention and coaching!

For workshops available, read more on our blog!

3D Advance Nail Art 28 March

Who can resist these cute 3D acrylic cartoon characters? Learn to create them on your own! We offer fully customized short courses in order to address the needs and learning objectives of our students. As well as for salon owners who want to send their nail staff for skills upgrading! Contact us for more details!

Friday, March 28, 2014

More about J&Y Nail Studio

Here at J&Y Nail Studio we're passionate about providing quality knowledge and products that can help you to learn and practice the skills you need to make the most our of your nail career.

Whether you are with your own work, a job seeker, a student, a salon owner, a parent or just interested in developing your nail artistry, you will find a wealth of nail courses and workshops suitable to your needs and schedules here. Information and training that will help you to improve your personal and professional life. We are sure you will find your learning rewarding and that you’ll tell others about us!

We are never trying to sell you anything as the course kit we provide are of the highest quality, our focus is to impart our knowledge and help develop your nail skills. Unlike so many academies, our premise may be small with small learning group, but we have no intention of having big classes which students' attention is thinly spread. Less business expenses and small group allows us to better focus on our product quality and students' well being. Who will benefit? Our students of course.

We welcome students from around the world. Our students from Japan, Australia, Indonesia, India, Malaysia and Singapore. We appreciate your support and encouragement – thanks for learning with us!

Japanese Gel Art Workshop 26 March

With so many students coming in for our daily workshops, we are simply too busy to post our daily live updates! Here are the graduates from yesterday evening's Knitted Gel Workshop, which ended a little pass 10pm, yes we are opened till that late as long as our students are eager to learn! Congrats for the good effort put in!

3D Gel Quilt Workshop

Check out the amazing Capsule and Quilted nails done by our workshop attendees in merely 3 hours of coaching! Learning a new skill is essential and definitely rewarding and we are sure it will help you to improve your nails career!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Foil Art Fantasy Workshop 25 March

Checkout the photos from our Foil Art Fantasy Workshop held at Johor Bahru Yesterday! Transform any plain and ordinary nail design into a 3D elegant 'gold plated' look with the proper guidance from our educators Can you tell which of the designs are done by our students?

(Click on our Facebook Page photo album to view all 34 photos)

3D Gel Quilt & Knitted Workshop 22 March

Our first batch of graduates from our 3D Quilt Workshop, amazing detail from their final work! Check out the graduates for our Knitted Gel Workshop as well on that day! Congrats!

Nail Poster Design by Jess Puan

Poster Nail Design by Educator Jess Puan for the newly launched Odyssey Nail Systems Royal Imperial Acrylic Color Powder Collections.

Education may be our forte, but we never failed to keep ourselves motivated and inspired by new ideas.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Japanese Gel Art Workshop 21 March

The key to our students leaving happy is treating them like a person, and not a number filling in for classes. Our mission is to share our knowledge with all who walks into our studio, and we are proud to say we are doing a good job!

3D Gel Quilt Workshop

We are sure every woman loves designer bags. Inspired by the ever famous diamond quilt design, you can now have them created on your nails! Imagine how well if will go along with the handbags you carry! Forget about the horrible tutorials you see online and join us to learn the real techniques to achieve the most realistic classic quilt designs every seen! Included in the workshop , a special 3D 'capsule' nail design as seen in Japanese nail magazine which you will get to learn too!

Date: Every Wed - Sat
Time: 3Hours
Fee: $180 Including all materials

Registration: contact 96908083